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1.0 Introduction

In mental health, criminal justice, education, child welfare fields and other human services programs, an overabundance of client assessments are administered and collected, but it is difficult to track changes in assessment ratings over time. There are no standards on how to personalize wellness nor measure progress toward success. Person-Centered Intelligence System (P-CIS) is an outcomes management platform within these fields, to measure assessment responses over time to help transform questionnaire data into alerts and person-centered intervention plans. P-CIS uses intelligence developed from what has worked for whom at local levels to provide feedback on progress.

By integrating all types of questionnaires across disciplines into one family’s visual story map, it fosters cross-agency collaboration for shared populations by establishing a shared workspace, a shared intervention plan and shared family goals for multi-service involved families. P-CIS identifies where, when and for whom intervention plans are working and where more staff training and other supports might be needed to improve client and family outcomes.

P-CIS is also designed to help suggest what would work for whom at the local level based on its knowledge of real experiences of individuals and families historically served by local systems. P-CIS takes what we have learned from the outcomes of the people who have already participated in our programs and applies it toward predicting the best collaborative environment and supports to help similar people who might walk through our door tomorrow.