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2.2.1 Role Based Access Controls

Users of the application are assigned a role. Roles include internal users: Helper-RW, Helper-RO, Supervisor, Admin-RW and Admin-RO. User roles establish what Modules a user can access and Security Groups identify which people’ information they can access, as seen in Figure 2.2.1.a. A complete list of permissions by role is in the document at Object 2.2.1.b.

P-CIS implements role-based access controls such that users have certain access and privileges in the system. There are six roles, from increasing access: Helper Read Only, Helper Read-Write, Supervisors, Organization Administrators (Organization Administrators) Read Only, and Organization Administrators (Organization Administrators) Read-Write. When logging into P-CIS, Helpers have access to only three of the modules: Dashboard, People, Insights. Supervisors have access to two additional modules with read-only access: Questionnaires and Settings (Helper tab only). Organization Administrators have access to all five modules, and Organization Administrators with Read-Write access manage the Questionnaires and Settings (all tabs).

Organization Administrators users have access to all Modules of the application, but can see only people for which they have the security to view. Organization Administrators-RW have the ability to create, read, update and delete. Organization Administrators-RO are for administrators who want to oversee all application settings, users and people but who do not need the authority to modify the data. Helper-RW have access to fewer Modules and have the ability for read and write. Helper-RO have access to the same Modules as Helper-RW but can only view (read only) the information.