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When the application is opened, user will be redirected to the themed Opeeka log-in page in Azure B2C. User can enter email and password for log-in which will be validated against the AD in Azure B2C and a token will be generated. User must perform 2-factor authentication, user will be provided with screen to enter OTP to log-in. Once the user is authenticated, he/she will be redirected to Opeeka application to continue using that.

Reset Password Flow (In Update Profile Page)

From the User Profile, when a user selects to change the password, graph api is called to reset the password of that user.

Forgot Password Flow

There is an option in Azure B2C log-in to reset the password which will redirect the users to the b2c reset password page. The password reset will be managed by b2c after which the user can log-in with the new password.