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4.2 Notifications Table

The  Notifications Table display a grid of the most recently generated remind and alert notifications for any of the people which you can view. Remind notifications include upcoming, due, or overdue questionnaires. Alert notifications include any notifications which were generated due to alerts based on threshold responses on questions or sets of questions. The View All link takes you to a full screen of all notifications on a Notifications Page.

Main Points

Remind Notifications: Remind notifications include upcoming, due or overdue questionnaires.

  • Let’s say you have a visit with a person tomorrow, and you see a reminder that their next assessment is due this week. This lets you know ahead of time so you can plan. You might even email the assessment to the person in care and the care team ahead of time so they can prepare for the visit, or so they can fill out the assessment with their own voice before you fill it out together. 

Alert Notifications: Alert notifications include any notifications which were generated based on threshold responses on questions or sets of questions. Alerts only generate once an assessment has been Submitted and Approved (not just Submitted).

  • Alert notifications are custom to an agency.
  • For example, you might see an alert notification labeled “Aggression” which lets you know that according to responses on their most recent questionnaire, one of the people you are helping is considered high risk for aggressive behaviors. In this case, the alert notification allows you to reach out to that person to provide time sensitive support. These alerts can be manually resolved after action has been taken. Otherwise, the alerts will resolve themselves after a subsequent assessment displays responses which no are longer above/below the threshold for the alert.
  • Another potential use of this alert is to identify when a person’s assessment responses indicate that the person is ready to step-down into less intensive care.