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4.3 Top Needs Summary Table

The Top Needs Summary Table identifies the top needs of focus for the people you are helping. So, of the number of people you are helping, how many have been or are being helped with each item, with the list ordered from greatest number being helped to the fewest. An item is an area of life or well-being which was identified through a question on a questionnaire assessment.

It also identifies, of the number with the need, the number of people who have improved on their rating for that need. This shows, in a quick glance, what areas most frequently are in need, and where helpers are helping.

Main Points
  1. Sort: You can sort these items by any of the columns shown.
  2. Top Needs: You can see a list of the top needs items for all the people you are helping. This list updates constantly as assessments are submitted. For each item, you can see what assessment instrument was used. The Helping column shows, of the people you are currently helping, how many have you ever been helping with each item. The Improved column shows, of the people counted in Ever Helping, how many have improved.