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4.3.1 View All

The ‘View All >’all takes you to a page displaying a full screen of all needs on a  Needs Summary page as seen in Figure 4.3.1.a.

Main Points
  1. Sort and Filter:
  • You can sort by any of the columns shown.
  • Additionally, you can use the filter option to find a specific item or instrument you may want to focus in on. If you want to see only the one type of item, you open the filter option by clicking here, you can use any of the filter options listed.
  1. Patterns and Trends:
  • With more items per page here in the Needs Summary, it can be easier to see patterns and themes.
  • You can see what items are most frequently improving for the people you are helping, and which are least frequently improving. 
  • For example: In Figure 4.3.1.a, you can see that you are helping 21 youth with school attendance and impulsivity and 19 with school achievement. So far, of those 21 youth, four have resolved the concerns with school attendance and 3 have resolved impulsivity and school achievement concerns.
  • You can use the sort option to see which items have seen little or no improvement yet for the people you are helping.
  • Patterns and themes could be helpful for coaching and to use in discussions with staff and supervisors. When looking for resources and tools, other staff on the team may be seeing more success with certain areas of need. 

Figure 4.3.1.a Needs Summary Page (from ‘View All’)