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5.0 People Module

The  People Module is where profile and assessment information are held for each person in P-CIS. In the People Module, you will have access to view any person for whom you are a helper. If you are a Supervisor, you will have access to view anyone that’s being helped by someone you’re supervising as well. It also shows the people who are being helped by a Helper for which the user is assigned as Reviewer. If your organization collaborates in a care circle with other organizations, people who are being shared from other agencies will be notated by a sharing symbol.

Note:  You can use the navigation ribbon at the left to access the People Module at any time. You will see a table showing all of the people you are helping, and 20 people will show on each page. If you are helping more than that 30 people, use the navigation arrows below the table to view additional pages of people.

For each person you are helping, you will see the following information listed in the table.

  1. Table Columns:
  • Name of the person or family in care
  • Name of their Lead helper
  • The primary Collaboration in which the person is currently enrolled, if active
  • The Start Date for the primary collaboration, if active
  • The End Date when the person ended their most recent collaboration, if inactive; In the case of inactive people, the Collaboration and Start Date fields will be empty. Only Organization Administrators can see inactive people.
  • Days reflects the number of days the person has been in the primary collaboration. This represents the number of days from the start date to the end date, or to today’s date if there’s no end date
  • Assessed reflects the number of assessments completed during the primary collaborations start and end dates
  • Needs Ever shows how many needs the person have ever had identified as a need for focus
  • Needs Addressing shows how many needs the person is still currently addressing as needs for focus
  • Strengths Ever shows how many strengths the person has ever had identified to build
  • Strengths Building shows how many strengths the person is currently building

There is an option available for Supervisors and Organization Administrators to ‘Add New’ people manually using the Add New link.

Note: This Add New people link may be disabled if Electronic Record (ER) or Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration is enabled. In this case, new people will be managed by the ER/EHR, and P-CIS will automatically synchronize to display new people when added to the ER/EHR.

Figure 2.6.a People Module