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5.1 Add New Person

Selecting ‘Add New’ from the  People Module brings you to the Person Dashboard Page > Profile Tab, in edit mode, as depicted in Figure 5.1.a. This allows Supervisors and Organization Administrators to add a new person manually. At the bottom of the Profile Tab, there are options to ‘Save’ or ‘Cancel’. The ‘Save’ option will save the changes for the profile. Error checking will alert you of any required fields which have not been completed. The required field are noted by an asterisk. The ‘Cancel’ option returns you to the landing page of the People Module.

Note: This Add New people link may be disabled if Electronic Record (ER) or Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration is enabled. In this case, new people will be managed by the ER/EHR, and P-CIS will automatically synchronize to display new people when added to the ER/EHR.

Figure 5.1.a New Person