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5.2.2 Questionnaires Tab

In the Questionnaires tab, you will see all questionnaires that have ever been started or completed for the person. Also, you can see a list of questionnaires assigned to any collaboration in which the person is enrolled.

The P-CIS Questionnaire module makes data useful and accessible, to support treatment and intervention planning for staff and supervisors. P-CIS can be used with nearly any assessment in human services practice.

The Questionnaire module in P-CIS gives you insights at a glance from a graph of scores over time, to status icons, to color coded scores.

You can move through the display of assessments for each questionnaire by selecting a different row in the questionnaire table. The Questionnaire Table allows you to select to add an assessment for a questionnaire in the table. Once a questionnaire has been used for an assessment, it cannot be removed from the table.