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6.0 Questionnaires Module

The Questionnaires Module is the area where administrators calibrate new or edit existing questionnaires. Supervisors can view Questionnaire details in this area, but cannot make any changes to them. In the table, you can see Base Questionnaires, which have been assigned to your agency by Opeeka. These are the questionnaires that your agency requested be part of your P-CIS application. These base questionnaires cannot be used to assess anyone. The Organization Administrator must make a copy of these questionnaires (through a process called “cloning”) in order to create versions of these questionnaires which can be used for assessment.

Note: Base Questionnaires are original versions and cannot be edited or used for assessment. Base Questionnaires will not show in available drop-down lists throughout P-CIS. For use, Base Questionnaires must be copied as a new version that can be edited and used for assessment.