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6.2.1 Editing the Name and Date of a Questionnaire

To  edit the name or active dates of a questionnaire, click on the row of the questionnaire to activate the row. Two icons are visible now, a clone icon and a pencil icon. Then click on the pencil icon on the right side of the active row. A pop-up window will appear, as shown in Figure 6.2.1.a.

  • From the Questionnaire Name Window, you can:
    • Modify the visible name of the questionnaire.
    • Adjust Start Date, which identifies when this version of the questionnaire can be used for assessments.
    • Adjust or add an End Date, which identifies when the questionnaire can no longer used for assessments. Adding an End Date will retire the entire version of the questionnaire.

Figure 6.2.1.a Editing a Questionnaire Name and Date