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Below the types of assessment reminders are additional controls for reminder frequencies, labeled “When Reminders Should be Sent?” There are four options described in the following list.

Reminder Frequency Options 

  1. Before Window Opens. The first option is to send reminders in advance of the window opening for planning purposes.
  • For example, you may want to let folks know one day before an upcoming assessment window opens. If the re-assessment window allowed 4 days before, and if it was due on the 90th day after the collaboration start date, then a reminder would be send out on day 85 to alert the Helper that there was an upcoming assessment due.
  1. On Due Date. You can then choose to send a reminder on the assessment due date.
  • In this example, a reminder would be sent on the 90th day after the collaboration start date that an assessment is due.
  1. On Window Close Date. You can send a reminder on the assessment window close day.
  • In this example, the on-time window closes four days after the assessment was due, so on day 94. Therefore, on the 94th days after the collaboration start date, a reminder would generate to say the assessment window is closing and the assessment will soon be overdue.
  1. After Window Closes. Finally, you can send a reminder for missed assessments after the window closes, if the assessment hasn't been completed.
  • If we set this value to 3, then a reminder will be generated every three days after the window closed on day 94. This reminder will repeat up to five times or until the assessment is completed.
  • So on day 94 a reminder will generate because the assessment window closed, then on day 97 a reminder will generate if the assessment was missed, and that will repeat every three days, for a total of five reminders (on days 97, 100, 103, 106, and 109).

Now, when this questionnaire is assigned to a collaboration in the Settings module where the Collaborations are maintained, anyone enrolled in that collaboration will be subject to the reminder schedules, based on that person’s start date in the collaboration. If this questionnaire is used to assess a person outside of a collaboration, the reminder schedule will initiate based on the date of the first assessment.