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7.0 Insights Module

The Insights Module provides you the ability to view aggregate data reports for the people for which you have the security to view. There are three sections in the Insights.

All data captured in P-CIS, from any type of assessment, funnels directly into the Success Focused Insights. This allows you to use filters to drill into insights for specific care populations. The Insights continuously learn about your agency, your Collaborations, Helpers and service populations, updating insights based on who is served and what works for whom.

If your agency has a custom Analytic Space, P-CIS securely and directly connects your agency’s data to powerful analysis engines of R and Python, allowing you to develop your own intelligent statistical models, such as regression, latent class analysis, random forest and even neural networks — directly in P-CIS. You no longer need to export data from an electronic health record (EHR) into a CSV file and import it into another statistical processing application for higher level insights, as P-CIS automates analysis directly from assessment data, right after assessments are captured. Dynamic visualizations with learning statistical models are directly available and distributable to an unlimited number of staff. P-CIS has the ability to evaluate and even schedule regular re-analyses to test your most inquisitive hypotheses.