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8.1 Helpers Tab

In the Helpers Tab, Organization Administrators can view, edit and add Helpers for their agency or any of their subordinate agencies. Users with Supervisor role can view and resend invitations for staff they manage. As seen in Figure 8.1.a, the Helpers Tab displays a grid for current and past Helpers. The grid of helpers displays columns for each helper, and number of people Helping, the average length helping,  needs ever identified, needs currently addressing, strengths ever identified to build and strengths to build.

Selecting a name from the Helpers Grid directs you to see the helper’s Info Page for that helper. On this page, you can view the Helper’s manager, reviewer, role, agency, start date and end date. For Organization Administrators, selecting the ‘Edit’ option displays the fields in edit mode, as seen in Figure 8.1.b. Selecting the ‘Cancel’ option returns you to the Helpers Grid. For Organization Administrators or Supervisor roles, selecting ‘Resend Invitation’ resends the invitation for a user to log into P-CIS and resets the user’s password to a temporary password. Organization Administrators roles also have the option to delete Helpers who have not performed work in the system, who may have been created in error.

For Organization Administrators, selecting ‘Add New’ adds a row at the top of the grid and expands to the Info Section for the new helper in edit mode.

Figure 8.1.a Helpers Tab in Settings

Figure 8.1.b Helper Info Page