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8.2 Collaborations Tab

In the Collaborations Tab, Organization Administrators can view, edit and add collaborations for their agency or any of their subordinate agencies. As seen in Figure 8.2.a, the Collaborations Tab displays a grid for current and past collaborations (identified by an End Date). The grid of collaborations displays columns for each Collaboration Name, Agency, Level, Category, Start Date, End Date and Code. Category Type are customizable fields to help categorize collaboration types based on customer preferences. You can choose to filter to view only current or past collaborations.

Selecting a name from the Collaboration Grid expands to show the Collaboration Info Page, as seen in Figure 8.2.b. In this section, you can view the Collaboration Name, Abbreviation, Agency, Start Date, End Date, Level, Type(s), Category, Description and CodeIn addition, this is where you assign all required Questionnaires (with optional remind schedules) to a collaboration. This will then apply the remind schedule for all of the Collaboration’s required Questionnaire(s) to all people who are enrolled in the collaboration. The collaboration must be assigned a Lead Helper. That Lead Helper is able to view all people enrolled in the collaboration.

Selecting the ‘Edit’ option displays the fields in edit mode. Selecting the ‘Cancel’ option returns you to the Collaborations Grid.

The Collaborations control access for sharing to other agencies. It is the collaboration level which drives access to people’s information in the system in addition to the partner agencies, discussed further in Data Sharing Section.

Selecting ‘Add New’ adds a row at the top of the grid and expands to the Collaboration Info Page for the new collaboration in edit mode.

Figure 8.2.a Collaborations Tab in Settings

Figure 8.2.b Collaboration Details